Digital Merchandising - Website Sponsoring

Do you serve small businesses? Do you like growth and customer satisfaction?

1der1 offers you websites for your clients. The premium sites permanently embed the sponsor name, icon, website link, and title tooltip.

This solution is a win-win for you and your clients.

  • Your customers get a free or discounted website.
  • You get new clients and bind existing ones as well.
  • Your sponsor information stands out not only for the website owner but for all the page visitors, too.
  • Announcing the sponsorships is excellent marketing and fantastic PR.

1der1 pages use an exceptional new technology that enables web design for everybody. In addition, 1der1 takes care of hosting and maintenance.

Have a look at the bottom of these examples:
Westpac Banking
Auckland Chamber of Commerce

Test with your data after clicking the Merchandise button:
AI Examples

Enter your test data, then click one of the example links or Example.

Create a page yourself by using one of the links:
Discount for Xero
Premium Discount for Xero

You can use the exact mechanism without sponsoring. Read more about 1der1 Automatic Link Building.

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