Photo attribution using the Unsplash API

Unsplash is a brilliant source of fantastic photos. Therefore, the 1der1 website builder makes access to Unsplash a priority.

Additionally, 1der1 follows a more integrated approach thanks to Unsplash's world-class programming interface.

There are several advantages:

  • 1der1's AI Website Builder automatically uses the interface.
  • You can search for photos directly in 1der1.
  • All photos provide information about the search expression, the related Unsplash search page, the Unsplash page for this photo, and the photo contributor.

The link to the photo contributor makes it very convenient to search for more author pictures and build a personal connection.

If you use a photo, the default title automatically contains the attribution, whether you hotlink to Unsplash or upload to 1der1.

The hotlink provides a connection to Unsplash, giving the contributor usage feedback.

If you upload to 1der1, the author is notified that you downloaded the picture from Unsplash.

Watch the video to learn more:

  • Search for yoga media.
  • Yoga content shows up in your media collection.
  • Access the Unsplash yoga photos and filter for yoga and Unsplash.
  • Scroll until you find the photo you like to use.
  • You will find the attribution links for Unsplash and the photo creator.
  • Drag and drop the photo into the HTML editor.
  • We insert the picture with a hotlink.
  • We will dynamically resize the photo on your website.
  • The default title contains all attribution details.
  • You can upload a photo from another window.
  • We send a notification to Unsplash.
  • The title contains all attributions.

Try it yourself :-)

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