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1der1 was founded by Lothar Bongartz.

1der1 Limited
11A Norwood Road
Auckland 0622
New Zealand
moc • 1red1 ofni

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1der1 uses new technology to promote your business.

About us is about your clients is about you - one derives one.

Your 1der1 page displays quick answers to the most critical questions:

  • Where is your business?
  • How can I get there?
  • When is it open?
  • Why is it worth it?

1der1 enables you to serve all this - even without having technical skills. Your 1der1 website builds and maintains automatically from your order data. In addition, more data can be harvested from the internet, depending on your settings.

1der1 helps you get active and empowered.

1der1 recommends

  • Bring your data directly to Google. This is much more efficient than entering it into your website and helping Google find and extract the most relevant parts. In addition, Google shows your data on their pages, so the users don't have to sort through the websites. 1der1 will help you with this most critical process.
  • Get an online shop as your website if you sell goods or services. Shopify integrates with your real-world business and enables you to create an excellent website easily. Use Themes from Out of the Sandbox for a stunning shop.
  • Every business needs a Facebook account. Connect with your clients and reach their connections.
  • Get Twitter to spread the flashy news.
  • Show moving pictures from Instagram.
  • Create your profile with the "Globally Recognized Avatar" Gravatar.
  • Get 1der1 as your all-including page.

Hint: Students know a lot about social media and could help you. More prominent companies have particular social media marketers - a career on demand now.

Get real with prints.

1der1 not only helps you with the online world but also with connecting and involving your local business. Reach out to your clients and help them help you. 1der1 supports connecting with prints and even provides you with the art media to make it fun, easy, and stylish – no need to beg for likes and reviews.

Make your business attractive with 1der1 fine art. For example, look at the art shop, which starts small but will grow fast.

Business friends help each other.

1der1 is free for all. Brochure printing is only a click away. Leaflets are not only good for your clients but perfect for sharing, too. Get full print service for everybody and choose lovely Flyer Racks for all the brochures.