Making Businesses Thrive through Automatic Link Building

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The spirit of business associations is about bundling resources and achieving more by supporting each other.

That's the very idea behind 1der1 as well, which is about happy customers supporting businesses:

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'Link building' is a term for search engine optimization, which is about inserting links to a website. The links are sometimes not genuine, making them dubious.

Who needs random links if you have strong connections already?

1der1 combines discount codes with automatic link building:
Members using a code get a 10% discount on a 1der1 premium website, which is a bargain already.

By using the unique code, the site comes with a branded link. Have a look at some examples. You can find the link at the bottom of the pages:

You can use these four codes already. Please note that the links cannot be removed from your site.

Business associations can contact us for a unique discount code and individual link information - no costs involved.

If you would like to recommend 1der1 but are not an association, you can get a code for a 'Brought to you by...' link. Again, there are no costs for you.

You can sponsor discount codes up to 100%:
Digital Merchandising - Website Sponsoring.

Have a look at our AI Examples and click the 'Merchandise' button to have a try with your data.

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