1der1 Developer Tools, Interfaces, and Support

1der1 Developer Tools follow open standards like JSON, JS & CSS.

  • 1der1 pages are data-driven and represented by open-standard JSON objects. You can export and import JSON in combination with external editor and maintenance programs. JSON objects are templates for 1der1 pages - your whole website in a spreadsheet.
  • You can customize with content, design tools, and apps. 1der1 tools are represented by JSON objects, too. You can export, import, and externally edit as well.
  • You can create JavaScript functionality for 1der1.
  • Read about integrating Stylesheets.
  • 1der1 enables you to use third-party modules. Choose from a wide variety of plugins.

If you develop tools for 1der1, we will propagate and link to your page.