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Why 1der1?

Excellent customer reviews on social media are the most efficient business booster.

1der1 is how you will achieve this.

Create your integrating and engaging business website.

Receive & show reviews.

Develop and view in every language, on every device.

No coding is required.

1der1 is all in one.

1der1 AID - Artificial Intelligence Developer

  • 1der1's artificial web designer generates your 1der1 website.
  • AID uses info from Google, social media, and websites.
  • Your content gets collected into your media libraries.
  • You can customize your website with content, design tools, and apps.

1der1 teams up with your social media

  • Every business should be on social media, connecting with their customers.
  • 1der1 AID harvests your internet data and creates and synchronizes your website.
  • 1der1 teams up with your Google Maps entry as well.
  • Receive a full-featured website found directly on the internet.