Digital Education - Fun and Success

We live in a world of changes, and digital development is at the heart of progress.

The demand for digital solutions is skyrocketing, and companies are successful when they fulfill customers' needs. Those prosperous businesses need highly educated employees.

Fortunately, there are excellent universities for digital education.

😞 However, the number of students in computer science is low.

  • Courses are losing students.
  • Computer science teachers are rare.

😊 Luckily, there is a proven way to overcome those obstacles:

  • 1der1 developed a website builder focusing on digital education: Everyone can start building websites - no preexisting knowledge is required.
  • You don't need a computer science teacher to organize lessons.
  • When you create websites, you always have access to help for the specific context.
  • You can build websites for every language, using every language.
  • You can create personal websites and sites for the class, the school, associations, and local businesses - all of this is free forever.
  • You can integrate any content, for instance, from social media like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

Website building can be fun, and you learn while you create.

Learn more about 1der1's educational methodology.

Just register and enter your schools or any business address, then build.

Website builder screenshots - more than 100 languages are available: