AVIF - Sensational results for your website

When you watched the TV show "Silicon Valley," you learned about the importance of compression. Likewise, when you watch Netflix, you benefit from a very efficient data reduction by the AVIF format.

Web browsers now support this media type, starting with Chrome.

To optimize your website, you must offer the AVIF format to capable browsers.

As always, this is extremely easy with 1der1. Watch the video about retrofitting an existing website with AVIF.

shoredoctors.co.nz was created when AVIF wasn't available. The images already offer the WebP format. With this image algorithm, you save about a third of the data.

To add the AVIF format, optimize the photos with an app like Squoosh, then upload the .avif pictures to 1der1.

Now, your images have about half the original size while providing the same quality.

Visit shoredoctors.co.nz to see the results and start your website - no coding is required.

The video

  • The display of the used pictures shows the primary and WebP information.
  • Drag & drop the primary pictures to produce AVIF versions.
  • Upload all AVIF files.
  • Display the used pictures again.
  • Now you see AVIF information as well.
  • Ten pictures require 367 thousand bytes.
    Using WebP, you are at 250 thousand - 32% less.
    With AVIF, you need only 163 thousand - 56% less.
  • You can't see a difference between the picture versions.
  • Try it yourself.

1der1 - and the web world is yours.

PS: Speed up your website for success.

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