Speed up your website for success

We are all a bit impatient, as are visitors to your website.

Loading time is the most critical factor, and images are the main contributors.

What can we do to speed up images?

  • Lazy loading: Pictures are only loaded when scrolling into view.
  • Load slides when they are due.
  • Asynchronous decoding: Decode the image asynchronously to reduce delay in presenting other content.
  • Use the best image format the browser supports.
  • Use the intrinsic size to match the rendering.

1der1 uses all these technologies automatically.

Watch this video to see how 1der1 optimizes your images:

  • Drag an image into an editor.
  • Pictures on your device will be automatically uploaded.
  • The primary image will be resized, to match the size of your website section.
  • Advanced picture versions are created in WebP and AVIF format.
  • Before you upload, you can choose the image quality, affecting the load size.
  • Your website serves the best image format and size for your browser.
  • Have a look at the example page shoredoctors.co.nz
  • See the different sizes and formats and the massive influence on the loading size.
  • All variants are automatically generated and delivered.
  • On average, the AVIF format has only half the JPG load. With the resizing for mobile phones, the load is reduced by twenty.

Speed it up with 1der1 :-)

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