You Can Do it - but only with 1der1

Copy & paste and drag & drop are the most potent editing operations.

It's easy for the user; however, the source and destination software must be sophisticated.

Copying a Wikipedia article is a browser test. There is a winner, but no browser is without error.

Fortunately, the 1der1 website editor can fix the errors on the receiving side.

Unfortunately, we have not found another editor software - website or not - able to fix these errors.

Have a look:

The video

  • As an example, we copy most of the New Zealand Wikipedia article.
  • The Wikipedia layout uses many right-aligned resources, which change to left-aligned when you use Firefox.
  • Chrome has problems with tables. The new Edge is flawless there, but both browsers fail to deliver all URLs.
  • Fortunately, 1der1 can fix the errors of Chrome and Edge automatically.
  • The 1der1 "Tidy" app can reduce the code from nearly 500 KB to less than 300 KB.
  • 1der1 understands HTML, allowing you to edit the article without any coding.
  • Example: Change color with just a few clicks.
  • The resulting page has full Wikipedia functionality - unlike any other editor.

1der1 - and the web world is yours.

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