Copy and change any webpage at your will without coding

When you present your company, you create social media profiles. Of course, everybody can do so, but they all look the same.

If you go for a full-featured website, a lot of coding is required, and you hire a team.

If you don't have the resources, you buy a famous website builder with the promise that you can create a stunning website in no time. Except you start an endeavor.

You want the comfort of an automatic but control of everything. Everybody wants it easy, effortless, and fun.

Just use 1der1.

The video

  • 1der1 allows you to switch off its many automatic defaults for any design you want.
  • As a start, you can use any existing webpage. Press Ctrl-A, then Ctrl-C, to copy the HTML code. Chrome or Edge works the best.
  • In 1der1, paste the code with Ctrl-V.
  • The result is a copy of the original. In addition, 1der1 automatically removes ads and input forms to prevent misuse.
  • You can then make changes by clicking on the elements you want to edit.
  • 1der1 has powerful editors for every HTML element.
  • You have direct access to the HTML structures, even if you copied the code elsewhere.
  • You can edit on every level. As a programmer, you will be indulged by comfort; if you do not know, you can still make significant changes and learn by instant outcomes.
  • Try it yourself.

1der1 - and the web world is yours.

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