Hotlinking Dynamic Pictures

We all know that speed is vital for websites. For this, the load is critical, consisting mainly of media.

When you use images, you have the option to upload or to hotlink.

When you upload, 1der1 delivers the right size and format supported by the user's browser.

Hotlinked pictures are responsive, too. However, they can be a colossal waste. There is an option to let the browser select from a bundle of sizes and formats, but this produces an overhead of resources and professional expenses.

Fortunately, there are photo collection services that can produce the optimal size by providing dynamically resizable photos.

In cooperation, 1der1 websites request dimensions that match your browser situation.

Watch the short video about using a photo from Unsplash.

  • Open Unsplash and search for a yoga photo.
  • Drag the picture into 1der1's website builder.
  • Preview your website with the new image.
  • Use the browser's debugger to inspect the used image.
  • The dynamic picture is 8.8 KB, down from 66.0 KB initially.

Happy hotlinking with 1der1 :-)

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