Generate strong, memorable passwords

Registration is the standard entry for most web applications, but you must provide a password, which can be annoying.

Browsers can not only memorize your passwords but create one for you as well. Because the browser remembers your passwords, the suggestions are cryptic. There is no support for you if you change the browser.

1der1 can generate a passphrase for you that is easy to remember. You can get suggestions until you like what you see.

Of course, the strength of the password is checked and indicated automatically.

If your primary language is not English, you get suggestions in your language.

Watch the video and try it yourself at Register.

The video

  • When you register, you can click "๐Ÿ”‘Suggest strong password..." provided by Chrome.
  • You get offered a cryptic password, which Google remembers.
  • Alternatively, click "+ Generate a strong, memorable password." until you like the password.
  • The password strength is checked and indicated.
  • Get suggestions in your language.

1der1 - and the web world is yours.

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