Create websites using any language

1der1 enables you to create websites in every language. While these websites don't require translation, 1der1 is optimized for Google translation. Just try it with this page.

When you create a website, there is a challenge: Websites are written in scripts.

1der1 enables you to write websites without having to learn how to script. However, you still can control every aspect: You can use powerful tools for your choices.

However, the internals of websites are based on the English language. 1der1, therefore, shows options in English and translated as well.

1der1 gives you all opportunities to learn 😊

In the video, we show the translation to the Māori language. 1der1 is the only website builder for this and many other languages.

The video

  • The business type serves search engines and, therefore, requires the English language. You can select using the translated list while seeing the original in a popup.
  • Select an example logo to enable the animation option.
  • Choose an animation while you can watch how it works. You see the English phrase as well.
  • The button editor lets you control every possible aspect. For example, choose some background and border settings.
  • You can find explanations and related help pages.
  • You can click for interactive settings.
  • whakangahau πŸ˜€

1der1 - and the web world is yours.

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