Speak the language of your customers

Language samples for opening hours

The above picture shows the same website in eight different languages.

Depending on the web page visitor's language, all text provided by 1der1 comes in the language of the user.

1der1 developed translation technology which is an integral part of all 1der1 pages. There are no external tools required. We can provide automatic translation for every language.

Following features are part of every page created with 1der1 - even for free websites:

  • Over 100 languages supported. More languages on request.
  • Translations are native. This way we can fix translation errors.
  • Automatic layout for right-to-left languages.
  • Automatic usage of abbreviations and time formats.
  • International functionality of Google, social media and third-party modules as far as they support it.
Question: If you create 1der1 pages or own a 1der1 page already, what do you have to do?
Answer: Nothing. Everything works automatically.
Question: What about the website visitor?
Answer: The browser settings are analyzed automatically. If the original language of the page is different from the visitor's language, a Google Translate widget shows up, and the visitor can choose additional dynamic content translations.
Question: Can I override the automatic behavior?
Answer: Yes. If you prefer to have different links for every language, you can choose a default language per page. Because of 1der1's strict separation of content and code, it is easy to have the same page in different languages and URLs. There are no additional tools required, and you can use the same page functionality for every language version.

Additionally, you can override the user language by changing the page URL. Just add the language code to the "language of the user" parameter.

This way you can test the pages without changing your browser settings.

These are the links for the eight languages in the picture:

Original English 1der1.org/takapunabeach
Te Reo Māori 1der1.org/takapunabeach&lnu=mi
Arabic 1der1.org/takapunabeach&lnu=ar
German 1der1.org/takapunabeach&lnu=de
French 1der1.org/takapunabeach&lnu=fr
Spanish 1der1.org/takapunabeach&lnu=es
Chinese, simplified 1der1.org/takapunabeach&lnu=zh-CN
Hindi 1der1.org/takapunabeach&lnu=hi

Mixed German / English website: 1der1.de/mercedes-benz

Same page with German translation: 1der1.de/mercedes-benz&lnu=de

Add your language parameters and have fun!