Animate your Logo

You start your new business with a logo, and your logo deserves to get the proper attention.

A logo animation is just what you need, and 1der1 delivers endless combinations with your mouse clicks.

Just follow the video, and you can create stunning animations yourself:

  • First, we chose a background color as a contrast for some logo features.
  • Navigate to the header section and then to the logo input.
  • Clicking on "Animation" selects random animations and creates an example logo if you have not provided one.
  • Add a round shape, white border, and shadow to any logo.
  • With every click, you get another animation.
  • Change the speed by giving a duration for the animation.
  • Click to make the random animation permanent.
  • You can reverse every animation.
  • Of course, you can select any animation; use the slider to choose your speed.
  • The example logo is HTML code, so you can use the HTML editor to change it.
  • Merely select other types of logos; the animation continues.
  • 1der1 allows you to drag, drop, and paste all kinds of content from everywhere. We use a Twitter logo this time.
  • You can cascade more with a script if one animation isn't enough.
  • Just select an example script.
  • All animation parameters are accessible using the well-documented 1der1 programming API.

Just see a result in action:

Need a logo? Create Round Logos.

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