Create Round Logos

Curved text is an excellent option to create your logo for your website, social media, and stamps.

We show you how to use the online graphic design tool MockoFUN to achieve this quickly:

  • After registration and choosing the Text Editor, click the Create button to start the tool.
  • At the center, we use an uploaded image.
  • Alternatively, we use standard text, an emoji, or a Unicode character.
  • Use the Layers button to control visibility.
  • Select and copy a Unicode character from another website.
  • Use the symbol as text.
  • Now add curved text.
  • Click the text to select the layer and the text input.
  • Write your text.
  • Select a font type.
  • Enter a negative curving.
  • Select the center layer.
  • Change the font size and position the layers.
  • Rotate the layer.
  • Make fine adjustments.
  • Download your logo.

Next step: Animate your Logo.

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