Where are you? What three words?

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What3words is a geocoding system for communicating locations with a resolution of three meters.

What3words encodes geographic coordinates into three dictionary words rather than long strings of numbers or letters.

There are already a lot of supporters, one of them Mercedes-Benz, for the voice navigation system in their cars.

All business geolocations in 1der1 pages come with automatic what3words support.

Take the Mercedes-Benz 1der1 page for example:

If you click the what3words link gleicher.aufklärer.metapher, you see a "Mercedes me Store Hamburg" map.

The words are German because the business is German.

If your browser language isn't German, you will see an additional link, such as partner.secondly.keys in English.

The words are not translated but from another what3words language dictionary.

Try the Arabic version

If you click what3words links on 1der1 pages, the page speaks the words in the associated language.

I like the French lady's voice. If your browser setting is not French, you can demand French from the 1der1 page and get the French what3words link:

Navigate your Mercedes with a single click on a 1der1 page :-)

Get a print, if you like it traditional:

What three words? one.der.one ;-)

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