Quick Help for all 1der1 help

Picture of Quick Help dialog:


Video content - list of annotations:

  • Click the link at the top of the Build page to open the Quick Help dialog.
  • You can watch a help video - this video - about the dialog by clicking the video help symbol.
  • The toolbar offers quick navigation to sections and shows position information.
  • You can open a help window and a preview of your page.
  • Every section lets you open a help video and help text about the section. You can expand and collapse the section.
  • The F2 key opens a popup help window for the indicated toolbar section.
  • F4 opens a preview popup, whereas the mentioned preview symbol opens a new tab for each preview for comparison.
  • F8 opens a help video for the field at the mouse position.
  • F9 fills the field at the mouse position with data from another 1der1 page.
  • F3 searches for 1der1 pages using the functionality of the field.
  • You can select data to copy from other 1der1 pages.
  • Follow help links for specified information.
  • Navigate to parts of this page and come back.
  • Remove content. Reset selections.
  • Fill empty fields with content.
  • The Fill button at the top searches for your content on the internet and collects it into libraries, filling empty fields with content.
  • You can click every picture for removal or maintenance.
  • You can maintain slideshows by adding, rearranging, and removing slides.
  • Switch between slideshow and list view.
  • Close to content fields, you find buttons to open lists of pictures suitable for this field.
  • Text fields have an associated WYSIWYG HTML editor.
  • The editor and input fields signal their readiness for accepting dropped content.
  • You can use advanced features when you are more familiar with their functionality.
  • Shift+F4 opens the preview popup like F4 alone but highlights the outcome of the input field at the mouse position.
  • If you switch on "Auto Preview," every change will preview and highlight automatically.
  • In the preview, right-clicking will navigate you to the related input field.

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