We can create your 1der1 page for you.

Create your 1der1 page. Just provide data. There is no coding required. This gives you the freedom to create and to update your page as you like. You are never left on your own because we are always here to support you.

As an individual, manual service, we can do the creation for you. Just tell us your particular requirements.

We will use your website's content to build your 1der1 page - optimized for social media, reviews, Google Local, mobile, and printing.

For a fresh website, please send us the web addresses of the content (you should own the copyrights for all of it):

  1. Local business address (you enter it at registration when we ask for your address)
  2. Logo
  3. Text describing your service
  4. Visual content. At least one of the following categories, one or more each:
    • Picture (width at least 1000 pixels)
    • Video (HD quality)
    • Google View
  5. Social media accounts
When we create your 1der1 page, we will back up everything. If you change your 1der1 page after the creation, you can always go back to this backup or any backup of your own.

This creation service is optional and does not include the full-service premium package.