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Google Search, Google Maps, and Google Business

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Be Found and Get Recommended. Get more customers with 1der1 - easy and for free.

  • If you don't have a website, get one in just a few minutes.
  • If you have a website already, get your 1der1 page with a social media hub.
  • Recommendations are most authentic and overcome restrictions in advertising for your profession.
  • Likes, followers, and reviews are most important to your success. 1der1 helps you to obtain it all.
  • 1der1 does not lead potential customers to your competition.
  • You will receive a web page for local business and social media marketing.
  • 1der1 is your Social Media Hub and Landing Page - focusing your marketing message.
  • 1der1 enables you to present your best performance - no unfair reviews.
  • Only good reviews will show up - you decide.
  • Handouts and custom-printed fine art provide real-world links to your 1der1 pages.
  • 1der1 improves off-site search engine factors - driving traffic to your existing website.

1der1 helps you get more customers

Google will love you if your customers love you because you love your customers.

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1der1 helps you spread the love.

Cynthia Siemens Marketing expert Cynthia Siemens @ LinkedIn “1der1 looks like an extremely well-designed tool.”


Lothar Bongartz

Lothar Bongartz

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Your 1der1 page automatically changes to a flyer layout when printed - like the sample on the backside.