1der1 Social Media Landing Page - focus your marketing message.

You don't have to provide content for your 1der1 page. Instead, we help you to present your best writings, pictures and videos on the important platforms for your business. Your 1der1 page uses this content automatically, making a combined presentation on your 1der1 page. 1der1's printed flyer mode enables your satisfied customers to review your business while being there, using their smartphones.

The most important factors for your Google ranking and how 1der1 helps you

  • Checking your existing website's source code and performance in detail. Use the reports for optimization
  • Helping you to be on Google Business and Google Maps. Analysing your data on Google and giving you exact hints
  • Helping you to get Street Views for Google Maps and presenting them on your 1der1 page
  • Improving your social media performance
  • Getting more good reviews for your business

Add all external links to your 1der1 page and put "backlinks" to your website onto your 1der1 page, too. This way 1der1 preserves your standard website's "link juice", resulting in a better ranking. If you keep external links on your website, these external websites can show up in front of your own website, when searching for your business.

If you want to offer an integrated user experience, don't just show links to your 1der1 page in your website, but create a new page.

  • You can redirect the new website page to your 1der1 page by inserting the code below. Alternatively, you can contact your websites' nameserver provider to set up a forward/redirect.
  • Use the code at the bottom of this page to embed your 1der1 page, making it part of your website by showing your website's page address in the browser. Your provider can achieve the same by setting up a "forward with masking".
  • You can replace your website while keeping your existing domain/web address by changing the nameservers from your domain to your 1der1 page if you no longer want to maintain your old website.

Insert this redirecting code into your web page:


or use this embed code as the only content of the page:

        <title>Shore Doctors</title>
        <iframe src='https://1der1.com/pages/1der1?ShoreDoctors' frameborder="0" style="overflow:hidden;height:100%;width:100%;position:absolute;left:0px;right:0px;bottom:0px" height="100%" width="100%"></iframe>