1000 Prints / Handouts / Flyers / Leaflets

Get 1,000 (thousand) Print outs of your 1der1 page

  • Size: A4 - 297 x 210mm
  • Print quality: Colored, Glossy
  • Paper quality: 157g/sqm Art Paper

Sample for leaflet printing with 1der1

1der1 gives you the links for the real world. Your 1der1 page is flyer ready. When you print it, the layout will change automatically. The integrated QR barcode makes the connection to the real world. Scanning with the smartphone will open your page - which is mobile-friendly, of course. Flyer printing is part of the free 1der1 package. This way, local businesses can quickly start a new kind of marketing: Flyer sharing.

Business Friends helping each other.

Leaflets are not only useful for your clients but perfect for sharing, too. So get Prints/Handouts/Flyers/Leaflets for everybody and choose lovely Flyer Racks for all the brochures.

Think of letterbox marketing as well.

Shipping and Full-Service 1der1 Premium Package for one year are included - as always at 1der1.

After you have updated your data, please let us know when your page is ready for the printout, and please allow four weeks for printing and international shipping.

Disclaimer: 1der1 cannot be responsible for errors or low-quality page content. Pictures for the web tend to have lower quality than images made for print. In addition, screen colors have to be converted into the printing color scheme as the colors may not completely match.