MS Office to HTML in Perfection

A lot of content is in MS Office format. However, the result is bulky and imperfect when using HTML.

1der1 changes that. Watch the video:

  • Open the Excel sample "Seasonal photo calendar." Copy all.
  • Paste into 1der1, which cannot access the local file.
  • Copy and paste the photo, reducing the size from 365 KB to 18 KB.
  • We created a perfect HTML copy, reducing the code from 442 KB to 16 KB.
  • But let's not stop here.
  • Open the Table tool. Remove the first row and columns.
  • Click the columns you would like to remove.
  • Activate the first row and reduce it, separating it from the table.
  • Convert the first row to a header row.
  • "Read" the table, converting content style to rules.
  • Let's replace the table by changing the rules.
  • 1) Fixed layout
  • 2) Border sides for cells
  • 3) Border color and sides for cells in even rows
  • The result has 2.5 KB of code - down from 442 KB of the source- a reduction of 99.5%.
  • Extra: The result is transferable to other platforms, such as Summernote.

1der1 - Plug and play :-)

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