Lists without Limits

1der1's most advanced HTML editor is both easy and powerful.

Start building lists from scratch or modify them from any source.

The video:

  • Transform lines into list items.
  • Choose from hundreds of design samples.
  • Change settings in the style editor.
  • Choose from hundreds of design samples for the items.
  • Update the style.
  • Copy the list.
  • Edit the copy.
  • The status shows the structure on the cursor.
  • Hover to get information.
  • Click to design.
  • The design dialog shows the structure of the list.
  • You can access other related elements.
  • Copy & paste a complex Wikipedia list.
  • The editor status shows the layout.
  • Click to design.
  • Hover shows information.
  • Drag to sort items from the list.
  • The style dialog status shows the drag result.

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