🖌 Format Painter - boosting a classic

Who doesn't love the fancy brush in the Office editors?

Finally, after all these years, an electrifying version is here.

Watch this short video to see the 🖌 Format Painter in action :-)

  • You pick up the HTML style at the cursor or click the button from a selection.
  • The style gets transferred into a style dialog.
  • Apply to as many selections as you like.
  • The dialog enables you to edit every aspect of the style.
  • You can even start with one of the more than 600 samples.
  • 1der1 treats selections as virtual 'meta' elements, and you can handle selections like all the other elements.
  • For example, remove a selection. Then, drag the downloaded file into the editor again.

1der1 - Plug and play :-)

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